Naruto Dating Tsume Fanfiction

Naruto rescued Ayame from her kidnappers, and it was revealed that both her and her father are Jashinist. The kidnapping is also a reference to the Shinobi Chef from the series, but I decided to take it into a more darker form. So now, Ayame is officially one of Naruto’s girls, she just needs to get marked. Which may happen on their date. Also, he has to meet with Tsume and her daughter. After a short confrontation with her mother, Sakura has moved in to Naruto’s compound. Right now, she is keeping her relationship with Naruto a secret from her mother to avoid any unneeded complications. Not to mention her small exchange with the King of Emos himself, who is going to start to see just how strong Sakura really is. Lastly, Kakashi got called out by the Hokage for his blatant favoritism with his students, and punished due to his actions making the village as a whole look bad in front of the client. Drakensong24 — Here you go, another dose of Darkness Falls, just as the doctor ordered.

Chapter 27

Naruto and Hana and their daughters wakes up and wipes the sleep out of their eyes and Naruto gets up and gets changed and does paperwork and Naruto says “ANBU can you please get me team 8 and team 7 and tell that they have a mission and to be at the Hokage’s office at noon” and the ANBU says “yes Lord Hokage” and the ANBU tells team 7 and team 8 and returns to her post.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Naruto finds Hana Inuzuka in the forest and takes care of her and her wounds and they start dating and slowly fall in love with each other and Will they start going to sleep at each other’s houses?. Will they get married?. Will they have kids together?. Will Hana have kids with Naruto?.

Hana saw him point at her and Naruto smiled and said, “Hana Inuzuka. She’s a veterinary but is nice enough to be my medic even though I am not an animal. Her.

Publishing Date: July 27th, Masturbation and vibrators got nothing on this gaki, said Tsume wide. Out the hope that maybe Naruto would get around to asking her for a date. But Naruto sees Sasuke as a brother also, Sakura said pulling her head away. As they neared each other he became aware that Tsume was. Naruto turned to see Hana and Tsume come in through the door as they met.

And I will date him even if he does win, Tenten thought with a. Ive been reading a fair amount of fanfiction recently and Ive noticed some recurring. Tons of people refer to Tsume Kibas mom and Shibi Shinos dad as the heads of their respective clans. Dating within his own clan?

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Naruto Uzumaki, now 23, is celebrating his birthday with a group of his friends. Sasuke was no exception. As far as Naruto knew, Temari and Shikamaru had begun dating. Ino had even seemed to have someone of interest. He looked at the small girl in front of him.

You please. Most will probably be spending senior year and percy, who knew we had been dating percy and percy’s house. At camp half-blood ended up.

This is a rewrite of the Love Blossoms fic I did a while back and I decided to rewrite it from another perspective. Disclaimer: All characters that appear in this Fanfic are sadly are not a part of my ingenious thinking. That credit belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. However, The only thing that I can claim is Jin and the plot that was created out of my mad little mind. Uzumaki Naruto groaned as he rolled over to turn off the alarm clock, falling off of the mattress in the process. Another boring day at school,” he thought as he struggled to get up off the floor and towards the bathroom to get ready for the day.

About a half an hour later, he had showered, eaten breakfast, and attempted to tame his impossible jungle of blonde spiky hair. As he came out of the bathroom, he reached into his dresser drawer to retrieve a pair of socks, and attempted to get them on while standing up, only managing to lose his balance and stumbled into a pile of clothes that had not made it into his hamper. Noticing his favourite black and pink screen t-shirt among the pile and after smelling it to make sure it was at least somewhat clean, he grabbed it and yanked it over his head.

This meant he needed the perfect outfit, so as quickly as possible, Naruto grabbed a pair of tight black jeans, struggling slightly to get them on as he dug around in the disaster that was his closet. It took a little while but he emerged with a triumphant cry, holding a black studded belt and a pair of sneakers. This completed his perfect outfit!

Naruto was fairly certain that Sasuke wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off. When Naruto got to school, he slowed his pace, as he loved to jog to the school.

Naruto FanFiction -The Next Generation Ch1

My beta is on his job right now, so till he gets back I’m trying to make sure this story is good. I went over it so many times to make it good and for you to enjoy it. Hopefully I did a good job at that but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. Warning flamers, your flames will just be used to heat up water for Naruto’s ramen so don’t bother trying to flame this story. Outside the meeting room Naruto and Tsume are both heading to see Hana but he’s slowly moving his hand to her rear causing her to look at him.

She does want her daughter to be happy just for being with Naruto but she doesn’t know how she will react to the fact her kaa is dating him as well.

“Naruto-kun how about you take me and Hana out on a date tonight?” He just smirks and nods his head but Hana looks at him with a smile.

Naruto walked home thinking about the Goddess that filled his thoughts. It was late in the Morning and the whole time he couldn’t focus on anything but her smiling face. The fourteen year-old could remember like it was yesterday. His team was given a mission to Hidden Fang to destroy a bandit camp and she was assigned to track it. He memorized every single detail of her. Her long dark chocolate hair done in a ponytail, not to mention the two long banes that fell down the bottom of her cheeks.

Her Calm and caring eyes also with the same sheen of her hair. The red fang like tattoos that hung down her cheek. Long legs that seemed to go on forever with wide hips, a slim stomach, and nice set of breasts, or what he could tell from her clothing. The second time he met her was when he was attacked by the rabid Akamaru and she had to sew up his pants. While lacking some skill in domestic things like sewing she was a phenomenal cook. Currently the head strong Inuzuka and he didn’t get along as he accidentally walked in on her taking a bath when Tsunade sent him to deliver a message to the Chunin because he was conveniently in her office that day.

He caught sight of a vet office and suddenly remembered that Hana worked there so he decided to pay a visit.

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Naruto woke up to see his ice mistress next to him as she laid on his body. Naruto chuckled at the loving sight as he gave his Haku a kiss on the cheek. Haku smiled in her sleep as she stirred awake. Haku looked up at her blond with a loving smile. Naruto smiled as he got out of bed. He let Haku stay in bed as he decided to get dressed.

Destiny is a Hazy Thing by Calanor is a lengthy Naruto fanfiction premised on the Hana mentions that many of the newly crippled shinobi would have been in Relationship Upgrade: Anko and Mizuki start dating after the former offers the.

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‘The Black Fox’ a Naruto Fanfiction Riff

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Rated: Fiction M – English – Drama/Romance – Hana I., Naruto U. – Words: by her, or he had permission to take Hana on a date somewhere.

Naruto awoke in his favorite position, snuggled against his girlfriend of two years, Hana. The last two years had been somewhat boring compared to the years prior, but Naruto wouldn’t trade them for anything. He had stopped going on constant A and B-rank missions and had a chance to settle down. Apparently, once the sandaime found out he had a girlfriend, he did everything possible to make sure they were together as often as they could be, up to and including running missions together again.

It wasn’t perfectly smooth going, after all, relationships weren’t fairy tales, but the ninja lifestyle often encouraged ninja to be honest and loving considering your next mission might be your last. It was due to this that Naruto couldn’t bear to keep his secrets from Hana for long after they started dating.

Within a week of their first date, he had told her the truth. Naruto bit into his fingernails and paced across the room for the umpteenth time. He had been looking for the opportunity to tell Hana the truth about himself for the last week and before he could work up the courage, Hana had been assigned a mission.

A chunin led genin team was bringing back a prisoner for questioning when he had escaped and injured the team. The team had made it back with no casualties, but Hana had been deployed with a team of chunin to track down and recapture the prisoner. Rationally, Naruto knew this would be a simple mission that Hana could complete in her sleep, but he could not stop himself from worrying. Is this what he would go through for every mission she took?

What would he do if something were to happen?

Mom’s Disappointment, Son’s Enjoyment

Naruto and Hinata are going out on their first date. Desperation Prologue: Irrational best friend and fellow teammate had been dating either because when Hinata had asked her for details Naruto for so long. ShikaTema The two begin dating. He repeats that he wants to give Naruto and Hinata a nice honeymoon and, now that he says it. Jan 31, Hinata and Naruto are dating but their relationship isnt progressing can actually go ahead and skip to chapter 3, which is the lemon chapterJun 27,

his cousin and it just got more worse when you started dating Naruto. You haven’t met Kiba’s family yet but you have met his sister,Hana.

Anyway I took over this story for narusaku69 because like many other people I wanted to see a decent ending, so I am just copying and pasteing the first four chapters so enjoy. Naruto is with Sakura at the bridge and Kakashi just told them they had no training after they waited 3 hours for him. Naruto goes flying and crashes a few yards away. Naruto now lays on the ground starts thinking about a different girl that has been on his mind a lot more then Sakura. She was truthfully way hotter then Sakura, older then Sakura, even bustier then Sakura-chan.

Naruto slowly stands up and starts heading back to the village and heading to the ramen stand.


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