Venus in Aquarius: Friendly, Optimistic, Outgoing

Trusted Psychic Mediums. Venus in Aquarius brings the more visible and vocal of the Water-Barer to the party. Your Sign is a Fixed Air Sign, meaning that you are a thinker, and a hard one to sway. Uranus is a co-Ruling Planet, which adds to your progressive nature of thinking. Venus, the Planet of Love and attachments, allows you to be most aware of how you are treating your heart and the heart of your loved ones. Your Aquarian nature usually sees humanity as a whole, which can sometimes leave those closest to you feeling a bit unimportant.

Venus in Aquarius: What It Means for Your Sign

The planet of love, Venus , speaks of how you relate to others, what gives you pleasure and your personal values. Aquarius is the impersonal, future-oriented, Fixed Air sign that’s about fairness, altruism, and improving the welfare and happiness of all people. Venus in Aquarius, above all, values the intellect and is concerned with creating a better world.

Regardless of the Sun sign , Rising sign, and other planetary placements , Venus in Aquarius adds an impersonal, universal, and unconventional touch to the way they relate to others.

She likes to do things her own way. She might date people just for the fun, because she enjoys making new acquitances. It is not unusual that she has many dating.

Email address:. This is to say that he would sooner notice a witty remark or a passion for art or literature, rather than the perky derriere. He will want to first get to know her thoroughly, to know how she thinks, and so on. That, he can find everywhere around him, if he looks hard enough. He wants to be intrigued, to have his interest piqued by her intellectual interests, by the way, she looks at the world, and what her perspectives are.

As for dressing code, or anything other than that, he is interested in what sticks out like a sore thumb. This guy was born to change the world, to bring about a revolution that will easily top out all other discoveries of his time, and help develop society as we see it. He has a scientific mind, an endless curiosity, and he is a very intelligent individual in the first place.

He wants to gain all the knowledge in the world, and he knows that he will learn through all his life.

Venus in Aquarius Makes Everyone Obsessed With You

What is necessary and comforting to one person may be triggering to another person. Of course, feel free to break these rules. Going by one or two synastry aspects is never going to tell the whole story about your relationship. You can have the worst synastry with someone and, because you are both people willing to put the work into a relationship, have the best relationship. Here are a couple of synastry aspects to watch out for because they may flag a relationship that needs a lot more work.

Venus/Mars Compatibility. Venus in Cancer/Mars in Gemini · Venus in Cancer/​Mars in Capricorn · Venus in Leo/Mars in Aquarius · Venus in Virgo.

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony. It governs our relationships particularly our love life and embodies harmony and cooperation in all its forms. Every year, Venus spends some time in each sign of the zodiac only once, spreading its message of beauty and love to all. As it moves into each new sign, that sign affects how Venus does its work in the world, which in turn affects us here on earth.

By understanding what it means when Venus is in a particular sign, we can figure out how to harness its power and strengthen our friendships, romantic relationships and professional connections. The overview : When Venus moves into airy Aquarius, life gets easy, breezy and beautiful. This is a time for expanding your network, meeting new people and making new connections. Friendships come easily as you find yourself able to connect with your fellow man better. So Venus in Aquarius will draw you toward helping others and building your community.

Those who are in relationships will be way less interested in public displays of affection, either in real life or on Instagram. On the bright side, this is a great time to try to integrate your significant other into your friend group or vice versa, as new connections come more easily to all. Career and finances: This is the time for networking, as Venus in Aquarius makes talking to new people and establishing connections a breeze.

Hit up industry events, head to work happy hours or strike up a conversation with your boss at the watercooler.

The Influence Of Venus In Love Relationships

Venus Aquarius guys and gals think different. They’re known for having social stamina and extending friendship to an eclectic mix of people. They tend to look striking in some way or have a strange style sense.

guys and gals think different. They’re known for having social stamina and extending friendship to an eclectic mix of people. They tend to look striking in some way or have a strange style sense.

The Venus in Aquarius woman is a free spirit when it comes to love and relationships. She prefers to follow her own path. Being free-spirited can make falling in love a challenge for Venus in Aquarius. Venus in Aquarius comes across as very detached, but this still gives off an attractive vibe to many suitors. Similar to the Venus in Sagittarius woman, space is a requirement when pursuing a relationship with her. Allowing the Venus in Aquarius woman to get her space gives her better clarity on life and situations.

She is curious by nature. The Venus in Aquarius will seek out partners that can stimulate her mind through intelligence. The Venus in Aquarius woman will not be able to deal with a relationship getting stale. She will need to feel as though the relationship she is in will be progressing. If not, she will remove herself from the situation and reflect on what to do next. The Venus in Aquarius calming nature is also an attractive quality to suitors.

She may come off detached to those who are interested in dating, but in general, she is a social wild child. She is always the one chatting away to anyone.

Exploring What Venus in Aquarius Means

Jean teaches astrology and metaphysics. She is a reader, author, ordained nondenominational minister, and member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr. People who have Venus in Aquarius love to socialize and easily form acquaintances with perfect strangers. They are cultured and intelligent air signs who enjoy philosophical discussions, and are very intuitive, sincere, generous, and philanthropic.

They often have strange or sudden experiences, since they are ruled by the erratic planet Uranus.


Venus is the planet that guides our desires, our money, and our one-on-one relationships. Because Aquarius is the sign of friendship, it seems like its energy would work quite well with that of loving Venus. But Aquarius can be an emotionally detached sign, which could put a confusing spin on love and intimate relationships while Venus spends time here!

Venus in Aquarius is a time to love with purpose and uphold the ideals of unity, kindness, and individuality. The line between love and friendship is very thin once Venus enters Aquarius! Aquarius rules friendship and groups of all kinds, so during this transit, we often find ourselves falling for people we already know. The likelihood of meeting a new lover through mutual friends and social outings also increases greatly while Venus is in Aquarius.

Aquarius is less attached to its emotions than other signs, relying more on the head than the heart when relating to others. Those who like the warm and squishy stuff might find others a bit standoffish during this transit. However, the Aquarian approach is less possessive and can bring a needed breath of reason and fresh air to partnerships. If in a committed relationship, Venus in Aquarius lightens the level of intimacy and encourages us to reconnect with the honesty, friendship, and common interests that drew us to our partners in the first place.

We may even find that we feel a lot freer to be individuals within our relationships.

Venus in Aquarius – Men and Women

Your Venus sign is the zodiac placement of the planet of love and beauty at your time of birth—so it can explain a lot about your romantic attractions. Create a free birth chart here to find out where your Venus sign lies, and then dig into what every Venus sign means here:. Pacing yourself is an art form to learn. You want to know NOW: Are you into me or not?

matthew currie astrology venus aquarius pisces Venus in Aquarius likes to think it’s in tune with some kind of Universal Love Vibration, and they often Write me with your date, time, and place of birth — and send you a free sneak preview!).

Back to all Signs in Love. Back to Compatibility: All Signs. Note: You are likely familiar with comparing sun signs to determine compatibility. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships! Find out your position of Venus by sign here. This is not to say you cannot—or will not—fall in love. Infatuations happen easily, but true love can be a little elusive for you. When you do make a commitment, you are generally able to stick to it.

The commitment you make generally has to be a little different in order to be tolerable to you, and you are proud of that difference.

What His Venus Sign Says About The Girlfriend He Wants

It also tells us what you attract in terms of people, gifts, and resources, and how you attract what you want to you alluring Venus loves to be adored! Almost anything related to pleasure can be considered Venusian in astrology: love, dating, beauty, art, fashion, perfume, jewelry, money, gifts. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, two signs associated with style and decadence, and often considered the most fashionable signs of the zodiac.

To find your Venus sign, plug in your birth date, time, and place into your preferred birth chart generator and find the symbol near your sun sign that looks like a handheld mirror.

A Venus in Aquarius man must be interested in his lover’s IQ before even thinking about dating her. This is to say that he would sooner notice a.

Ever met a man you had great physical chemistry with, only to discover you have next to zero emotional or intellectual compatibility? If so, I have some information that will help you discover why your past relationship didn’t work out. It is the most important sign in terms of astrological compatibility, and it shows which kind of woman he feels uncontrollably attracted to on all levels.

To figure out his Venus sign, you’ll need to know his date, time and place of birth. Though your Sun signs the ones you look for when you’re searching for your horoscopes may be compatible, you also need to look at his Venus sign to see what he really wants in a partner. He actually likes it if you keep him on his toes, either through your smart, witty banter or your bossy, authoritarian demeanor. This one doesn’t mind roughing it out or a little play-fighting.

Venus in Aquarius

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